Dennis L. Martire – A Key Leader in Successful Initiatives

Dennis L. Martire

Helping people is something that Dennis L. Martire has always been passionate about and working for the Laborers’ International Union of North America has given him great confidence in the fact that the work he has been doing has been making a difference. In March of 2002, he took on the role of Regional Manager of the Mid-Atlantic Region and was elected to take on the role of Vice President as well at that time. In this role, he could hold a key role in the furthering of the Union and taking care of its members.
An example of the differences that he has been able to make is in the roles that he has played in several successful Laborers’ International Union of North America initiatives.

For instance, he was instrumental in the successful unionization of the workers on the Fluor-Lane’s expansion of Route 495 Hot Lanes Project. These workers were finally given the choice on whether they wanted to unionize and as they joined the Laborers’ International Union of North America Local 11 Chapter, they made Virginia State history as being one of the largest union victories of its kind in the construction industry in the state’s history. Moments like these remind Dennis L. Martire why he works so hard and knowing that hundreds, in that example’s case 200 people, are affected and bettered by the work he does keeps him passionate about his work everyday.

Dennis L. Martire Has Had an Impressive Career as a Union Leader
Dennis L. Martire Is Dedicated To Laborers